Portland Small Businessman Pledges Support for Donald Trump After Cafe Ransacked by ANTIFA Thugs

A small businessman and veteran who owns a cafe in Portland is pledging to support Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election after a mob of ANTIFA street thugs ransacked and vandalized his business.

John Jackson- a veteran of the US Army and Marine Corps who is black- owns Heroes American Cafe in downtown Portland. The business pledges a portion of its profits to veterans and police officers, and was thus targeted by ANTIFA as an “unfriendly” business to their political vision of leftist anarchy.

Two windows of the business were shattered with gunfire, and another was struck with a baseball bat. Jackson has described receiving a threatening phone call from someone last week who warned the business would be attacked for its patriotic allegiance.

Jackson is describing the hate crime as having secured his vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming election. He also blasted Portland’s weak local leadership, taking aim at a city government that has permitted violent ANTIFA thugs to commit crimes and terrorize the public for almost 120 days since the initial George Floyd race riots.

This solidified my Trump vote,” he told Fox News. “I’m done with this weakness, and we need some real strong leadership.

Jackson confirmed he won’t let the attack change the way in which he runs his business.

We’re not changing what we do because of things that are, to me, kind of terroristic in approach.

Terrorists of ANTIFA have been given free reign to terrorize the public, and this Portland community member has had enough. He should consider running for Portland city council or mayor- even if his campaign message is doomed in the leftist utopia, he could inspire other city residents sick of third world behavior to resist the tyranny of the terrorist organization.


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