Portland SJW Bakery Hosts Next ‘Reparations Happy Hour’

Photo: Back to Eden Bakery

If San Francisco is the brain, Seattle the heart and Oakland the raised fist of the far, far left social progressive movement, then Portland, Oregon is the spleen.

The city, derided as “Moscow on the Willamette,” is a reliable recycler of nearly every bad idea that has been tried and failed elsewhere in every socialist society of the world. If progressives could import Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro to give them tips on how to run their rainy utopia they would not only welcome him they’d probably throw him a “reparations happy hour” to celebrate.

It’s hard to keep straight all the social justice streams of progressivism in the city of 639,000 people. But when those streams cross – watch out.

Such was the case around May 8th at the “Back To Eden Bakery” in Portland’s funky Alberta district.

After 9:00pm – closing time – Lillian Green, an “equity director” at the Oregon State Department of Education, arrived at the vegan, dog friendly, and SJW owned restaurant.

Photo: Oregon Department of Education

She claimed that two white people were served before her and then was told the restaurant was closed.

Immediately, the former classroom teacher and college professor began recording the incident and claimed she was denied service because of her skin color.

Wall Street Journal opinion piece reports that Green posted the video and wrote on her now-removed Facebook page that the two workers who denied her service should be fired.

The restaurant’s owner, who touted receiving racial sensitivity training from local political gadfly, Cameron Whitten – he of “reparations happy hour” fame – took to Facebook to prostrate himself and lay waste to the “white supremacist hetero-patriarchy” and the “racist city within a racist state of a racist country.”

Oddly, the apologia was placed as a comment in a Mother’s Day Facebook post:

Photo: Facebook

After apologizing to “Lillian,” bakery co-owner, John Blomgren, wrote of how the restaurant hired women of color but the employees were fired, because “[w]hatever their reason for denying you service is not acceptable and flies directly in the face of the experience we aim to provide our customers.”

The owner wanted his social justice bona fides put on the record to make sure he wouldn’t be ‘Starbucked’:

Photo: Facebook

Recently at a Portland State University event, social observers Carl Benjamin, known online as “Sargon of Akkad” lectured that Portland’s PC culture has resulted in a “progressive version of Shariah law.”

And, sadly, that’s about right. Which brings us to the next “Reparations Happy Hour,” now re-labeled “Brown Hope.” According to Bromfield, it will be hosted at Back to Eden Bakery.


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