Post on the Baltimore Sun Thinks Artifacts of Southern Heritage has “No Value”

In a recent post on the Baltimore Sun, the topic of confederate monument removals came up again.

It was titled “There’s no value to keeping Confederate statues“.

The article posted the following question:

Statues of military heroes are erected to commemorate their bravery, sacrifice and military acumen, but the ultimate question is: Can one separate the soldier from the cause for which he is fighting?

In a politically correct manner, the writer responded by saying the “obvious answer is “no” if that cause is immoral.”

He then attempted to equate the Southern cause with Nazi Germany and other savage despots in human history.

Yes, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were heroes for the Southern Cause. They are beloved icons and their military feats are legendary, but so were the bravery and military feats of Attila the Hun, Ivan the Terrible and that great German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox,” who is adored and idolized by military historians the world over.

He concluded that “Germany would not consider building a statue in remembrance of General Rommel although he certainly stands in comparison to Messrs. Lee and Jackson. That statue would be a bitter reminder of Nazi atrocities and a crass offense to those whose ancestors suffered under the Third Reich — 6 million Jews in particular.”

Indeed, the American Civil War is a complicated subject.

It was part of a festering regional conflict that had its roots in the very foundation of America itself. Given that the slavery question was never settled right off the bat, it would become a point of contention for decades to come.

Although the South was explicit in its desire to keep slavery and leave the Union because of that, many who fought for the South —Lee included— did so to defend their lands and people. There was no planned genocide nor any plan to exterminate a whole segment of a population. Indeed, slavery was a blight on the South and it should be condemned for that. However, certain historians like Thomas DiLorenzo argue that slavery was on its way out in the South before the Civil War even started. He even argues that this brutal conflict could have been handled more peacefully.

The comparison to the Nazis is intellectually lazy but it’s standard operating procedure for the forces of political correctness that would like to destroy all facets of American history under the guise of “racism”, “anti-Fascism”, etc. These monuments demonstrate how much adversity America has faced and how it has still found a way to move forward. Sadly, many mainstream outlets don’t get that and would rather try to sully American history just to advance their case. This recent post on the Baltimore Sun is representative of this toxic trend that is spreading wide across the country.

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