Post-Tucker Carlson Fox News Considers Primetime Lineup Shift That Places Hannity In Coveted 8PM Slot

Post-Tucker Carlson Fox News is scrambling to make up for collapsing ratings by considering “multiple scenarios” for its primetime lineup.

As Druge headlined on Wednesday, Fox News is even discussing moving Sean Hannity into Carlson’s coveted 8PM hour time slot.

Many in the cable news space had rumored Jesse Watters was going to be the star to inevitably take over Carlson’s spot. But this report from Drudge urges otherwise; even though nothing has been confirmed.

“With Hannity moving up an hour,” Drudge reported, “fellow hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld would slide into the 9 and 10 p.m. primetime hours. The latter slot is currently held by Laura Ingraham.”

“Fox News is preparing to announce an ambitious new schedule,” the report said, “a schedule where every hour of primetime will change.”

“It’s our boldest and most fearless line-up ever,” a source told the site.

It’s unclear how this lineup shift would affect already popular programming like “The Five” and “Gutfeld!” But one thing is for sure; booting top-rated Carlson when they did has sent a rippling shockwave throughout all Fox News shows. Especially within the outlet’s key demographic.

Though no decision has been made yet regarding this lineup change, it’s clear Fox News is working to make some form of alteration to its current programming. 

Carlson, who was ousted from the network in late April even though he was at the height of the cable news world, has seemingly taken most of his audience with him and away from Fox News entirely. 

It’s hard to overstate what a problem this has been for Fox.

Ousting the most popular star on television was undoubtedly going to have ramifications. Now the network has been sent scrambling.

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