Postal Service to Suspend Delivery in Santa Monica

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Reports have revealed the intention of the U.S. Postal Service to suspend delivery in Santa Monica, California (a very expensive and Democrat city,) as a direct result of repeated violent attacks against mail workers in specific neighborhood since January,

One wonders if the Californian people ever stop voting for higher taxes and more crime?

Residents of the expensive California city were informed of their new inability to receive mail at their homes via a letter sent out by USPS on April 7th. USPS explained in their announcement that “multiple carriers have been subjected to assaults and threats of assault from an individual who has not been located or apprehended” and that they do “not enter into decisions to suspend service lightly.

(read: Postal Service to Suspend Delivery in Santa Monica)


The wonderful news was shared by Libs of Tik Tok, an account known for sharing content related to leftists extremism on various social media platforms.

“USPS has suspended mail service in parts of Santa Monica, CA because the mailmen kept getting assaulted and attacked,” wrote Libs of Tik Tok.

“They say it’s not safe for people to be delivering mail. Unreal. California is a hellhole.”

(read: Postal Service to Suspend Delivery in Santa Monica)


So far only one assault in the area has been officially reported, with the case already determined to no longer face prosecution, according to CBS News.

“My immediate reaction was just disappointment,” Courtney Smith, who lives in the area, told CBS.

“I feel a lot of compassion for the mail carriers,” she added. “Not doing anything is not the solution.”

USPS spokeswoman Natashi Garvins reportedly told Fox News that one block of Santa Monica saw three separate incidents involving risk to mail carriers over just the last few months, prompting the organization’s decision to suspend their services.

“This is an unusual, but necessary step to protect our employees,” she said, reportedly declining to give further details in regards to the specifics of the individual incidents.

The city of Santa Monica has since put out a statement addressing the incident. Police penning the letter claim that the city’s department was not aware of the USPS’ decision to suspend services in that area until they saw the announcement posted on Twitter.

“The officers who took the report contacted the United States Postal Inspection Service on the day of the incident to provide information for the incident should they wish to follow up,” Santa Monica police Lt. Erika Aklifi told Fox News. “We do not know if the USPIS did so.”

“If there were other incidents of USPS mail carriers being attacked, we were unable to locate additional reports,” Aklifi continued. “Without speaking to the postmaster, it will be difficult to know the extent of this issue. I have never heard of the Postal Service suspending service for all residents in a neighborhood, and can only refer you to them for answers about their course of action.”

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