POW! GOP Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette Calls Dr. Oz, McCormick ‘Globalist’ Over WEF Ties

Kathy Barnette, left, Oz and George Bochetto during a forum last weekend for Republican Senate candidates in Pennsylvania. (Matt Rourke/Associated Press)

It is safe to say the spice levels in the Pennsylvania Republican primary have skyrocketed exponentially! The race has been heating up ever since GOP candidate Kathy Barnette and others took the stage for what likely shaped up to be the final debate before the primary election day on May 17th.

Barnette’s campaign is quickly picking up steam despite her relatively recent entrance to the race. A viral moment from Tuesday’s debate showed military veteran and occasional political commentator explaining what her view of true American leadership is, calling out candidates David McCormick and Dr. Mehmet Oz as “globalists” before correctly pointing out that they are both members of a large international organization that seeks to unite people of similar business and political interests known as the World Economic Forum (WEF).

She also alluded to some of the extremist initiatives pushed by the WEF, notably pointing out that many actors of the organization explicitly endorse the radical concept of ‘Environmental Social Governance,’ often abbreviated as ESG.

“We need people who are gonna be fighters, we don’t need people who are globalist in the way that they have lived their lives and ran their business… Although I think you’re a magnanimous individual… you and your corporation, McCormick… are part of the… World Economic Forum, as well you Oz. They’re both part of the World Economic Forum, this is a very serious organization that has a mindset of pushing globalism and ESG — Environmental Social Governance and we need to be mindful of that,” Barnette said on stage.

Postings by Barnette’s Twitter page and an online investigation by Big League Politics substantiated the Republican candidate’s claims:

Ideas encouraging a new system of business and governance featuring components such as ‘ESG’ are routinely pushed by the WEF in their various global seminars. While not often explicitly stated by its promoters, ESG seeks to essentially identify a hit list of businesses going along with certain initiatives versus those that are not.

A report shared by the WEF identified various desirable characteristics for businesses under the ESG framework including “carbon neutrality” and “diversity and inclusion.” Different postings by the organization seem to reveal clear political biases towards a type of left-wing cause — they routinely praise causes like that of ‘Black Lives Matter’ as being instrumental in driving necessary attention to initiatives that supposedly seek to make people more ‘equal.’

“The Black Lives Matter movement renewed focus on profound inequalities in society, adding to public demand for a fairer society.”

The same article mentioned that the influence of organizations such as that BLM are a component of “stakeholder capitalism,” which they describe as the inclusion of corporate influence by parties outside of a given business.

Protests stemming from ‘Black Lives Matter’ proved to be the most expensive in American history — a report by Axios estimated that damages in riots following the death of George Floyd cost anywhere from 1-2 billion dollars.

A compilation posted by political commentator and rap-artist An0maly showed other notable moments of Barnette on stage during the recent Pennsylvania GOP debate. Barnette can be seen sharing her opinion that the ‘Make America Great Again’ movement goes farther than Donald Trump alone and proudly pointing out that a recent Trafalgar poll showed her at a statistical tie in the race against McCormick and the Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz.

Barnette pulled no punches during the exchange, telling the people of Pennsylvania that candidates such as McCormick and Oz are “carpetbaggers,” before adding that “when they lose you will never see them again,” and that “if they win, you will never see them again!”

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