POWERFUL NEW AD: ‘Don’t Let Idaho Turn Into California’

A powerful new political ad from the Kootenai County Republican Party in Idaho implores voters of the state to refrain from turning Idaho into California.

The ad references the influx of Californians coming into Idaho, which threatens to change the state’s political dynamic permanently. The ad shows the drug addiction, sexual degeneracy, institutionalized child abuse, anti-civilizational mob violence and general societal rot that liberal Californians are looking to import into Idaho.

“Things sure have changed since 1960,” a man in the ad states.

The full ad can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Idaho becoming a battleground for the culture war as far-left extremists aggressively intrude on public life:

Concerned members of the public are expressing outrage as a left-wing artist brings publicly-funded satanic art to the quaint community of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

During public comment, members of the city council defended demonic artist Abby Light after her grotesque works were exposed:

Light’s Instagram account clearly shows instances of demon worship, including one painting where a child is being sacrificed for Satan. That portrait can be seen here:

Ali Shute, executive director of the Art Commission, believes this is the sort of art that “will appeal to the younger people.”

This sort of art in actuality appeals to the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and John Podesta, two Democrat Party creeps who have been accused of depraved acts, as Big League Politics has reported:

“Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion, which used to be a K-12 school for children, contained a great deal of peculiar artwork that give a glimpse into the mindset of this convicted sexual criminal.

The Democratic-affiliated predator had a mural of a prison yard with himself at the center of it in his home, perhaps realizing that he would someday be held accountable for his life of reprehensible behavior.

Other bizarre works of art contained in the Epstein mansion included dozens of prosthetic eyeballs decorating his hallway, a life-sized doll hanging from a chandelier as if it was being tortured, and a large display with nude figurines on a human chess board.’

Idaho is turning into ground zero for the American culture war at a time where the country is extremely divided. If the patriotic residents of Idaho can repel left-wing extremism, the state could turn into a redoubt that becomes a haven for liberty-loving Americans nationwide in the years to come. If Idahoans succumb to the far-left threat, U.S. freedom could be doomed.

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