Pray For Our President: Donald Trump Quarantining After Being Diagnosed With Coronavirus

President Donald Trump confirmed that he and the First Lady have been diagnosed with coronavirus in a Thursday night tweet, throwing the presidential election election into a de facto halt as the couple begins to quarantine at home.

Melania Trump confirmed news of the diagnosis in a tweet as well.

This is an unprecedented event to occur in the weeks leading up to a presidential election. President Trump likely will not appear at public events for a period of at least ten days, and it’s not hyperbole to suggest that the virus is a serious danger to an individual of his age. All Americans should pray for the health and safety of the President.

However, the President is a a generally healthy individual, and there’s reason to believe he will make a full recovery from the coronavirus disease. Individuals of his age have a high likelihood of survival.

Joe Biden should immediately suspend all pending campaign and election events during the duration of President Trump’s quarantine. Any debates suspended during President Trump’s quarantine should be conducted at a later date.

World leaders rushed to send their well-wishes in the wake of President Trump’s coronavirus.

The President spoke of former White House employee Hope Hicks testing positive for coronavirus hours before he announced his own diagnosis.




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