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The Present Danger Facing Trump and Co.



This article by Patrick Howley originally appeared at The American Spectator:

Activists are targeting President Donald Trump, his family, his Cabinet picks, and key intellectual figures in the populist nationalist movement with violent harassment and “assassination”-related imagery.

President Trump has been targeted with more than 12,000 assassination-themed tweets and a cover story in the Irish magazine Village showing his head with a target and the caption “Why Not.” Madonna said at a D.C. protest that she thinks about blowing up the White House.

There is a despicable double standard in this country by which left-wingers can make appeals to violence all while the media narrative goes forth that the Right is somehow responsible for stoking violent sentiment. We live in a country where Ivanka Trump gets harassed on an airplane, Betsy DeVos gets physically blocked from a school visit by protesters, and the Berkeley police just stand down when riots target a nationalist writer.

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The group “Assassinate Stephen K. Bannon?“ has 13 members but a consistent stream of content, including an image of President Trump with exposed brain matter and content opposing Trump’s travel ban on terrorist-rich countries. The group’s founder appears to be pseudonymous. A figure close to Bannon reported the group to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but it is unclear if the FBI will investigate.

Don’t expect action from Facebook, run by presidential aspirant Mark Zuckerberg. The company recently refused to take down a page called “Assassinate Donald Trump.”

The Left is targeting key leaders of the populist nationalist movement, which provided substantive policy ideas during the Trump campaign and continues to have prominence in the new administration.

Violence is clearly one tactic that the other side is using to try to shut down the kind of populist nationalist content that Bannon and his political disciples.

Milo, an anti-progressive writer who worked for Bannon, was blocked from speaking at the University of California, Berkeley. Radical groups, including By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), took credit for the demonstrations that resulted in violence.

Big League Politics published exclusive video of the terrorist group responsible for starting the Berkeley riots. Our story sparked a manhunt in the media for the terrorists involved.

I know that the Secret Service guys around Trump are dedicated to him, even wearing their ties below the belt in a show of solidarity with the man they protect. But we live in a dangerous world.

The protection of the president, his family, and his advisers must be a paramount concern of every American. The media and the Left should be ashamed of themselves.


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2018 Midterms

WATCH: Corey Stewart Demolishes Tim Kaine In First Virginia Senate Debate



HOT SPRINGS, VIRGINIA — Republican U.S. Senate nominee Corey Stewart galvanized the crowd at his first debate against Democrat incumbent Tim Kaine, winning major applause on nearly every point.

PBS moderator Judy Woodruff was surprisingly fair, giving Stewart a chance to obliterate Kaine from all angles while the Hillary Clinton running mate stood frozen, shellshocked, a grim look on his face. Kaine frequently said that he agrees with President Trump when attacked head-on by Stewart. During Stewart’s segments, Kaine furrowed his brows and glanced desperately at his campaign staff, who seemed demoralized by Stewart’s upset victory.

The only time the Kaine campaign team managed to influence the TV cameras occurred when they all laughed loudly at Stewart’s accurate claim that President Trump is standing up to Russia. But even the dying Russian collusion narrative could not save Kaine from the shellacking that was waiting for him at the Omni Homestead Resort. When the debate was over, press cameras raced to surround Stewart while Kaine flop-sweated through a few perfunctory interviews in a lesser corner.

Stewart rose to the occasion regarding the media’s prime talking point about him: that he is somehow racist because he has met racists, whom he disavowed. Given multiple chances by Stewart, Kaine refused to condemn an anti-Semitic office mate in Charlottesville, saying only that her well-documented anti-Semitic views on foreign policy are “not necessarily my” views.

Here is the entire beatdown in full. We will be highlighting different aspects of this epic smackdown as the day goes on and the people of Virginia acclimate themselves to what has just become a dead-on competitive U.S. Senate race.

Rewind this PBS Newshour livestream (the debate starts at around -1:28:00):

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