President Donald Trump Issues Statement Blasting New York’s Political Witch Hunt

President Donald Trump released a statement slamming New York City’s political witch hunt investigation into his family business on Monday, likening the sham investigation to a continuation of the infamous “Russian interference” conspiracy theory.

The city of New York has been subpoenaing financial documents related to Donald Trump and the Trump Organization’s taxes, seeking to throw the book at the former President in an “anything goes” approach.

President Trump released the following statement following a ruling from the Supreme Court that denied sealing many of Trump’s financial records, such as his tax returns. Lawyers for the President had argued that New York City had already accessed an incredible amount of financial documents, and without finding any evidence of financial misconduct or impropriety, that the inquiry amounted to little more than a political witch hunt.

The political attempt to railroad the former President into jail comes as New York City executes a “no tolerance” approach towards Trump, who may be the city’s most famous resident.

New York prosecutors may ultimately attempt to bring baseless criminal charges against Trump, in a weak attempt to prevent him from running for President in 2024 or to attack his legacy. The President has already been acquitted twice in charade impeachment trials, with left-wing Democrats unable to restrain their emotional antipathy to Trump. If Trump is again exonerated in the legal system, it’s all but assured that left-wing lawyers will merely move on to the next legal attack on their political devil.

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