President Donald Trump Stakes Out Second Term Agenda Ahead of Republican Convention

President Donald Trump released a detailed policy outline for his second term days before the upcoming Republican Convention on Sunday, giving his supporters a look at the policy and national vision he will expand upon at the event.

The policy outlines were contained in a campaign email to Trump supporters across the nation sent on Sunday night.

The first policies he mentioned pertained to containing the spread of coronavirus, rebuilding the economy and creating jobs after the economic recession caused by the disease, and cracking down on China’s predatory trade practices.

The President is pledging to double down on America First immigration policies, pledging new means to deter illegal immigration and enforce federal immigration law. He’s also pledging solidarity with American workers displaced from their jobs through cheap labor visa programs, such as the H-1B, and is pledging to prohibit corporations from using the cost-cutting tactic.

The President is pledging to continue with an America First foreign policy, that will keep the United States out of globalist wars and cumbersome international treaties and agreements.

The President laid out a plan to support law enforcement as the Democrats engage in a jihad against American police.

The dozens of policies seem like a strong starting point for the President to win over independent and swing state voters who are anxious for policy proposals to lead the nation forward after an economically and civically challenging year.

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