President Donald Trump’s New 10 Percent Middle-Class Tax Cut: Here’s How It Works

President Donald Trump’s new ten percent middle class tax cut promise is the latest development in the first-term rollout of his complete economic agenda.

President Trump promised a new 10 percent tax cut for the middle class in his rally Saturday night in Pensacola, Florida.

“We’re working on that right now,” Trump said.

Trump acknowledged the massive economic success that his first round of tax cuts brought — not to mention all the regulation cuts — but he still clearly wants to do more.

The ten percent middle-class tax cut, if enacted, will expand on the tax cuts that are already contributing to America’s rapid GDP growth.

From the start, Trump advisers have tried to 1) Cut regulations to allow businesses to grow and to open 2) Cut business and individual taxes 3) EXPAND on the Christmas 2017 tax cut with a new tax cut bill at the start of the January 2019 session.

With Parts 1 and 2 completed, President Trump is looking ahead to governing in the new session. He already smacked down outgoing House speaker Paul Ryan, promising that “the new Republican majority” will be winners.

Trump is also stressing that he is protecting SOCIAL SECURITY, which establishment Republicans and Democrats want to cut. Trump’s mix of conservative victories — tax cuts, 84 judges confirmed — combined with his regard for Social Security and Medicare, is an unstoppable Reagan-esque political juggernaut.

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