President of Mexico Calls Charges Against Donald Trump a ‘Fabrication’

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has commented on the prosecution of Donald Trump, stating that he believes the charges are based on a “fabrication.”

López Obrador believes that the charges are being fabricated for political reasons, similar to what he has endured in the past, in order to keep Trump’s name off the ballot in 2024 and prevent him from winning back the presidency.

“Right now, former President Trump is declaring that they are going to arrest him,” López Obrador said at a press conference. “If that were the case…it would be so that his name doesn’t appear on the ballot.”

“I say this because I too have suffered from the fabrication of a crime, when they didn’t want me to run,” he added. “And this is completely anti-democratic…. Why not allow the people to decide?”

President Donald Trump has commented on reports that he would be arrested on Tuesday, urging his supporters to take to the streets in a showing against this injustice. Even though it does not look like he will be arrested today, there is still a major possibility Trump will be arrested in the days to come. Trump is on the war path as a result of these troubling developments.

“Just Out: District Attorney Alvin Bragg received in EXCESS OF ONE MILLION DOLLARS from Radical Left Enemy of “TRUMP,” George Soros. Bragg is also very close to the Clinton Campaign. Republicans and Conservatives are more UNITED than they have been in many years. Even Democrats don’t like what’s going on with the Manhattan D.A. This is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time!” Trump wrote in a post on his Truth Social platform.

“Reports, and almost everybody, says, even after in-depth legal study and review, that there was NO CRIME, NO AFFAIR, NO BOOKKEEPING ERROR OR MISDEMEANOR, NO “NOTHING,” OTHER THAN NOW PROVEN LIES BY MICHAEL COHEN, A CONVICTED FELON AND PERJURER, AND THE STRONG LIKELIHOOD OF AN EXTORTION PLOT AGAINST ME. So, after getting CRUSHED yesterday by Cohen’s highly respected attorney, with the case against me FULLY DISPROVEN, why is the D.A. searching for yet another “witness?” TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!” Trump wrote in a different post on the platform.

López Obrador is calling a spade a spade. What is being done to Trump is without precedent and shows the extreme amount of contempt that Democrats have for the rule of law. Trump must be President again in 2024 to show these evil forces who’s boss.

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