President Trump Accuses of Making Coronavirus Vaccine Partisan Through Authoritarian Mandates

President Trump has responded to President Biden’s remarks recognizing the former’s role in developing the coronavirus vaccine, accusing his successor of making the vaccine a partisan political issue through authoritarian mandates.

President Biden had pointed to the Trump administration as integral to the United States becoming the first country to develop a vaccine in a Monday speech, an accomplishment President Trump has frequently touted at rally appearances and in interviews. Trump declined to criticize Biden for recognizing his role in the vaccine, although he did criticize Biden for politicizing the medicine through mandates. “It is a little tough to be overly critical now, because he just thanked us for the vaccine and thanked me for what I did. You know, that’s a first—so it is very tough for me to be overly critical now.”

It’s a matter of getting people out to, ideally, get the vaccine,” Trump said, speaking to Fox News on Tuesday. “If you have the mandate, the mandate will destroy people’s lives—it destroys people’s lives, just as the vaccine saves people.

President Trump said encouraging Americans to get the vaccines was a “matter of tone” rather than means of coercion through workplace vaccine mandates and passports.

You have to embrace it,” Trump encouraged his supporters who are hesitant to receive the vaccine. “You don’t have to do it, and there can’t be mandates and all those things, but you have to embrace it.

President Trump had previously responded to some supporters who booed him after stating that he had received the coronavirus vaccine and a booster shot on Monday, stating anti-vaccine sentiment risked “playing into the hands” of the Left.

When we came up with these incredible vaccines — three of them — and therapeutics, we did a tremendous job, and we should never disparage them,” Trump said. “We should be really happy about it because we’ve all saved millions and millions of lives all over the world.

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