President Trump Breaks Silence on Minnesota, Threatens to Take Federal Control of Chaos

President Donald Trump broke his silence on the Minneapolis riots on Thursday night, threatening to send in a greater presence of National Guard troops if local authorities continue to fail to control the situation. Trump hadn’t previously mentioned the volatile situation, although he had tweeted about George Floyd’s death.

Trump cited the city’s far-left progressive mayor, Jacob Frey, as an example of failed leadership. Riotous crowds set a police precinct ablaze on Thursday, with law enforcement wholly abandoning control of the public building to the belligerent crowd.

In a following tweet, the President spelled out potential consequences for those engaging in criminal behavior in the city, stating that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

The President had earlier ordered an expedited federal investigation into the death of George Lloyd, a black man killed during a questionable arrest that brought about the riots. Sadly, it appears many Minneapolis residents have chosen to resort to wanton destruction and endangering the lives of others as a result of Lloyd’s death.

At least one man has already been shot and killed as a result of the riots, with early reports indicating he was shot by the owner of a pawn shop as he tried to loot the store. The Minnesota National Guard was activated Thursday, but it appears they’re yet to arrive on the scene of the criminal behavior. The President’s warning could mean that an even greater presence of the military branch is going to deployed to contain the volatile situation.

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