President Trump Calls for “New Mueller Report, Democrat Edition” After Sanders Nevada Win

President Donald Trump suggested that former Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller be tasked with leading another probe into supposed Russian interference in American politics following Bernie Sanders’ resounding victory in Saturday’s Nevada caucus.

The President was clearly being coy in the Sunday tweet at Sanders’ expense.

Sanders has been accused of being the beneficiary of Russian interference conspiracy plots in recent days, with anonymous U.S. intelligence community operatives planting a claim in the Washington Post that Putin bots are seeking to boost his campaign.

Leading Democratic operatives such as James Carville have been increasingly prone to leveling Russia conspiracy accusations against Sanders, unable to cope with his strong grip over the Democratic Party’s primary electorate.

The President did congratulate Sanders on his victory in the caucuses, a dominant win that appears to set the Vermont Democratic Socialist on a clear path to the Democratic nomination. Trump confirmed to press when boarding a Presidential helicopter Sunday that he expects Sanders to be the Democratic nominee, while holding out the possibility that the party establishment could find a way to cheat the socialist Senator out of the nomination.

If anything, Trump’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion of a second Mueller probe into Sanders shows he’s aware just how ridiculous the broader Russian interference conspiracy really is, whether it’s leveled against him or other populist political candidates such as Sanders.

This means the President could be gearing up to face Sanders in a presidential campaign that’s centered around actual issues that affect the lives of American voters, such as the economy, healthcare, immigration, and national security.


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