President Trump Calls Out ‘Rogue Judge’ and ‘Racist Attorney General’ Driving His New York City Civil Trial

President Donald Trump came out blasting against a “rogue judge” and “racist attorney general” on Monday while appearing for the start of his $250 civil trial for allegedly committing fraud by overvaluing some of his real estate properties.

“This is a continuation of the single greatest witch hunt of all time,” Trump said. “It’s a scam. It’s a sham. There was no crime. The crime is against me.”

“We have a great company. I built a great company. It’s tremendous. It’s got some of the greatest real estate assets in the world. And now I have to go in before a rogue judge,” Trump added.

In addition, Trump called low IQ affirmative action New York Attorney General Letitia Jones a “racist” for driving these charges against him. He also believes that the witch hunt “all comes down from the DOJ,” and “they totally coordinated this in Washington.”

Trump’s full statements can be seen here:

Trump’s attorney and some of Trump’s campaign surrogates talked about the ridiculousness of the charges.

“It is one of the most highly successful brands in the world, and he has made a fortune literally being right about real estate investments,” said Trump attorney Christopher Kise.

“There was no intent to defraud, there was no illegality, there was no default, there was no breach, there was no reliance from the banks, there were no unjust profits, and there were no victims,” Kise added.

“We’ve got a renegade judge here who’s ignoring the will of the appeals court,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller said. “President Trump’s assets are worth way more than what the court would have you believe.”

“This is nothing more than election interference,” stated Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung. “This is the only way they can stop him.”

Trump has also taken to his Truth Social platform to spread his disdain for AG James and Justice Arthur Engoron, the anti-Trump judge chosen to preside over the case.

“He values Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, at 18 Million Dollars, when it is worth 50 to 100 times that amount. His valuations are FRAUDULENT in pursuit of Election Interference, and worse. THIS WHOLE CASE IS A SHAM!!! See you in Court – Monday morning,” Trump wrote.

“I’m going to Court tomorrow morning to fight for my name and reputation against a corrupt and racist Attorney General, Letitia James, who campaigned on ‘getting Trump,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Trump is in for the fight of his life. The regime is coming after him with all barrels full. His defiance is an inspiration to all Americans.

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