President Trump Considering Executive Order for Citizenship Question As Administration Fights On

UPDATE: The Trump Department of Justice said Friday that it will continue to seek justification for the Citizenship Question if and when the Commerce Department finds a new rationale consistent with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

President Donald Trump said Friday outside the White House that he is considering putting the Citizenship Question on the Census by executive order.

Trump’s DOJ — which re-committed itself to the citizenship question — will reportedly have to make it clear to a judge by 2 PM how they plan on proceeding with their fight to get the citizenship question onto the Census.

Trump jetted off from Washington on Air Force One and headed to New Jersey Friday following his Salute to America — replete with tanks — in our nation’s capital on the Fourth of July. Trump referred to the “Obama-Biden” mess as the 2020 campaign heats up, with Joe Biden the likely challenger to Trump in the general election.

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