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Campaign 2020

President Trump Considering Putting Up to $100 Million Of His Own Money into 2020 Presidential Campaign

Skin in the game.



A new report from Bloomberg News is suggesting that President Donald Trump is considering spending $100 million of his personal fortune on his 2020 reelection campaign. Trump is prepared to spend the sum to make up shortfalls in the campaign’s spending strategy.

Trump largely self-funded his campaign during the 2016 Republican primary, pointing out that he wouldn’t be accountable to corrupt oligarchal interests usually associated with big campaign spending. After being outspent by Hillary Clinton in 2016, he’s spending slightly more on his campaign than Biden in 2020.

The President confirmed Tuesday that he would be willing to spendwhatever it takes. We have to win. This is the most important election in the history of our country.

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Trump addressed the prospect of putting up some of his own money for his campaign in a Tuesday tweet.

In spite of hysterical liberal assertions and conspiracy theories claiming that President Trump has merely sought to financially enrich himself through his public service, the President’s net worth has considerably declined during his time in office. Forbes has estimated his net worth as $2.5 billion-still the financial information of an incredibly wealthy person- but a sharp drop from the $4 billion his fortune was estimated at before he first ran for President in 2015.

President Trump first ran for office and is running for reelection with the ambition to Make America Great Again, not to personally profit from the presidency.

Campaign 2020

WATCH: Joe Biden Reads Teleprompter Incorrectly: “I Got to the Senate 180 Years Ago”

That kind of experience is unmatched.



Joe Biden stated that he “got to the Senate 180 years ago” when delivering a scripted campaign speech from a room in his Delaware home on Saturday.


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That would’ve been in 1840, when Martin Van Buren was President. There were 52 Senators at the time, and the Democratic Party controlled the chamber, with a Whig minority in opposition. Biden was talking about supporting first responders and firefighters, who would’ve existed in a vastly different capacity in the mid-19th century.

Biden did laugh a little bit after he made the error, which seems to have stemmed from faulty teleprompter instructions or Biden simply misreading the screen in front of him.

Biden’s campaign appearances have been almost entirely scripted as of late, with the Democratic Party’s elder figure even going so far as reading from a teleprompter during interviews.

It’s very sad that the Democratic Party elite and Joe Biden’s handlers have allowed this to continue. A man with an arguably severe level of cognitive decline should not be the President of a nation of 330 million people. That is not right.

However, you almost can’t blame them for binding him concisely to the words on the teleprompter. Unscripted campaign appearances have proved to be even more of a disaster, with Biden forgetting the words to the Pledge of Allegiance in a campaign speech earlier this week, for example.

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