President Trump Debunks Fake News Claims of Border Wall Collapse

President Donald Trump reviews border wall prototypes, Tuesday, March 13, 2018, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Trump used his official Twitter account to debunk claims that wall construction on the southern border was collapsing on Sunday.

Mainstream media entities cherry-picked reports of a collapse occurring at new border walling near San Diego at the US-Mexico borders. Many of the reports failed to mention that the wall structures that collapsed weren’t even finished, having just been undergone the concrete pour phase of construction.

Huffington Post described the incident as “Trump’s Border Wall Collapses,” failing the mention that the incident was far more of a construction-phase mishap than a collapse of a completed structure.

Unusually strong winds occurred in the area of the new walling, leading to its collapse. A wall structure with dried and hardened concrete foundations would not fall down when faced with 40 mile-an-hour winds, obviously. But it’s not a surprising oddity that a new and foundationally insecure structure might fall over during such freak weather conditions.

Wall construction has picked up in recent months, with President Trump diverting funds from Pentagon projects to pay for new construction. He’s set to secure a latest round of funding through diverting $3.8 billion dollars from various stalled initiatives, applying to resources directly to American national security on the border. Such an investment would secure the greatest portion of new border wall yet.

The promise of a new and ‘big, beautiful’ wall of the southern border was Donald Trump’s signature campaign proposal during the 2016 Presidential election. He’s on track to complete more than 450 miles of new wall construction by the end of the year, providing a point of defense against drug trafficking, human smuggling, and illegal immigration.

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