President Trump “Disagrees Strongly” With Brian Kemp’s Decision to Reoopen Georgia

President Donald Trump stated that he “disagrees strongly” with Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to start reopening many of Georgia’s businesses and institutions at Wednesday press conference, signaling the President isn’t as cavalier in going back to normal as some conservatives and libertarians are while the coronavirus is still inflicting mass casualties.

Watch Trump’s remarks on the reopening here:

Trump revealed that he told Governor Kemp as such directly. Kemp announced that he’d begin reopening businesses such as barber shops and gyms are early as Friday, with restaurants and movie theaters following on Monday.

The President’s remarks suggest he’s far less enthusiastic about the notion of reopening the economy prematurely than some of the most stringent advocates of such an approach. Trump has, however, criticized governors who have taken state of emergency restrictions too far, such as Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer and Minnesota’s Tim Walz.

Trump emphasized that while he disagrees with Kemp’s plan to reopen Georgia’s economy- by far the earliest any state is attempting in the country- he recognizes that Kemp must do what he thinks is right for his state.

The federal government is pushing for reopenings to occur in line with the White House’s three step program, an outline that specifies coronavirus containment objectives for various stages of economic reopening. Trump described many of the facilities Kemp is arranging to reopen as in violation of stage 1 of the federal guidelines for reopening.

President Trump appears set on a cautious and conservative reopening of America’s economic institutions, recognizing that “safety has to predominate.”


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