President Trump Dismisses Rumors of Nikki Haley Replacing Mike Pence as His VP

A Democrat and former President of the New York City Council is calling for President Donald Trump to replace Vice President Mike Pence with former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Andrew Stein penned a piece for the Wall Street Journal making the case for Trump to dump his current VP for the more establishment-friendly Haley. Stein founded the Democrats for Trump movement in 2016. Unlike most Democrats, he applauds President Trump’s pro-growth policies which “have revived the stagnating U.S. economy.” For those reasons, he believes Trump deserves a second term.

However, Stein argues that for Trump “to have the best chance of re-election, he should replace Vice President Mike Pence on the ticket with Nikki Haley.” Stein concedes that Pence has done a fine job at VP and has already consolidated the evangelical Christian vote for Trump. Although Stein does point out that “in 2020 they’ll already be repelled by the Democrats’ embrace of infanticide.” In his view, having Pence on the ticket would be overkill.

Stein points out that “Trump’s greater obstacle to re-election comes from politically moderate suburban women, many of whom see him as divisive.”

The former president of the New York City Council points to Haley’s move up the career ladder from the South Carolina House to the South Carolina governor’s mansion, and then finally to her role as U.N. ambassador. He praised Haley for her political savvy in state politics and also for her tough stances against North Korea.

Despite hiring “energetic and effective leaders like Kellyanne Conway, Hope Hicks and Sarah Huckabee Sanders”, Trump has still struggled to attain women voters.

Nevertheless, when pressed about this rumor, Trump said that Haley will not be replacing Pence for the 2020 campaign.

Trump stated, “I love Nikki and there are places for Nikki, and Nikki’s future is great, but Mike Pence is the person, 100%. We won together. We have tremendous evangelical support.”

Although it’s tempting to pander to the female demographic, there might be a much larger social trend at play when considering the issue of women’s voting patterns.

Former Trump advisor Steven Bannon astutely pointed out that the “Republican college-educated woman is done. They’re gone. They were going anyway at some point in time. Trump triggers them.”

A Pew Research poll shows that in 1994 “42 percent of women identified as or leaned Republican, as did 52 percent of men. By 2017, only 37 percent of women and 48 percent of men still did.”

However, “In 1994, 48 percent of women and 39 percent of men identified as or leaned toward the Democrats. By 2017, those numbers were 56 percent of women and 44 percent of men.”

So, it’s clear that’s this shift of females towards the Democratic party is a well-established development that very likely won’t be reversed in the short-term. A credible explanation would be that college-educated women are falling to feminist indoctrination in the increasingly radicalized environment of universities across the country.

No type of feelgood pandering will change this. President Trump should stick with what works, i.e. keeping Pence on the ticket, and focusing on the number #1 issue among voters during election season—immigration.

There’s no need to try to make political decisions based on virtue signaling, especially when they involve a neocon politician who’s already positioning herself for presidential runs in 2024 and beyond.


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