President Trump Finally Stops The U.S. Arming Of Jihadi Syrian Rebels

President Donald Trump has achieved his most inspiring victory yet against the globalist Deep State that has secretly governed our country for decades and which will stop at nothing to derail and destroy his presidency.

Trump has put an end to the covert CIA program to arm the jihadi Syrian rebels. These rebels were the allies of President Obama’s team of neocons like Ben Rhodes, who sought to knock out Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, a mostly secular pan-Arab leader, by emboldening the rebellion that gave rise to ISIS.

The Fake News media is already spinning, linking Trump’s move to the wishes of “Moscow.”

This has been a long time coming.

In June of last year, when I was employed as one of the top reporters at Breitbart News, I broke the existence of a secret document, received by Hillary Clinton and other administration officials, showing in no uncertain terms that the Obama administration was actively supporting al Qaeda in Iraq. al Qaeda in Iraq quickly turned into ISIS.

This coincided with Candidate Trump’s famous assertion that Barack Obama was the founder of ISIS, and its Most Valuable Player.

When Trump was criticized, he tweeted and Facebook-shared my Breitbart piece to justify his claim.

Needless to say, I went through neocon Hell for this (and I was proud to do so). The Washington Post, ABC News, and Snopes went on the attack, as other mainstream journalists emailed me to intimidate me.

Vice President Mike Pence, when asked to defend Trump’s comments, pivoted away from my brilliant reporting and said that what Trump REALLY meant was that Obama left a “void” of ground troops in Iraq, which gave rise to ISIS. That wasn’t what Trump meant. That wasn’t what my readers knew to be true. The neocons were doing damage control. Nevertheless, the official Trump campaign talking point became the “void of ground troops” line. We were essentially being called in to the Vice Principal’s office at the Project for a New American Century.

The neocons never let this go. I fought them hard throughout the entire campaign, breaking major stories tearing into Establishment figures like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, fighting Ted Cruz’s delegate-stealing moves in the run-up to the Cleveland convention, and getting “indefinitely suspended” from Breitbart for correctly pointing out the fabrications in Michelle Fields’ hoax claim that Corey Lewandowski assaulted her.

When I parted ways with Breitbart the day after the election, a neocon operative and a staffer for Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard both strongly implied on Twitter that they got me fired from Breitbart, with the operative stating, “He was told in no uncertain terms that he is done.”

After Bill Kristol resigned as editor of The Weekly Standard (a move celebrated by me), the NeverTrumpers deleted their “Howley fired” victory-lap tweets.

This April, Bustle reported on a secret mega-group attacking Breitbart and getting their sponsors to pull out in a piece entitled “Sleeping Giants Is Targeting Breitbart, But It’s Not Just About Trump” (emphasis added):

‘Trump succeeded because of Breitbart,” declared Vanity Fair reporter Ken Stern in a late-November account of what he called the “right-wing media vortex.”  Throughout the election, Breitbart, a conservative news site, attracted a new level of national attention. Before Trump entered the race, the discussions around Breitbart largely centered on its often-controversial — and sometimes factually disputed — content. In 2016, for example, Breitbart writer Patrick Howley claimed that the Obama administration “was actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq,” a claim debunked by PolitiFact but shared by Donald Trump on his Facebook page, which has millions of followers. However, when Breitbart’s head, Steve Bannon, became an official part of the Trump campaign (and now is a member of the White House), the site has received more attention and scrutiny.

I have watched with displeasure as Trump fights against the “Russia” hoax, with neocons like John McCain and Marco Rubio fighting tooth and nail to impeach him on McCarthyite innuendo. Populist nationalist Deplorables like me grew worried when Trump bombed Assad targets in Syria as his neocon Defense Secretary Mad Dog Mattis (Bill Kristol’s first choice to run third-party against Trump in the election) and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster (who replaced Mike Flynn after Flynn allegedly lied to Vice President Pence) pushed for a full-scale ground invasion of Syria and Iraq.

Would this be another Bush administration, where the president scores some emotional victories, makes people feel good about being Republicans again, takes some jabs at the liberals and the media, and bows down to the all-powerful globalist neocons at every turn, inciting more needless wars and disruption to create more “refugees” that will inevitably flood into Europe and the United States under the false guise of humanitarian necessity?

As Trump adviser Roger Stone complained to Big League, “I think that Jared and Ivanka, moving among the beautiful people as they do, would like Donald to be more of a conventional president. The fact that virtually everyone in the White House pushed to put 150,000 men on the ground in Iraq? That’s concerning…I don’t think what Jared does is malicious. I think he really thinks he’s helping. But among our people, Goldman Sachs is dirty words. It symbolizes everything that’s wrong with the country. It’s very hard to understand how people like Gary Cohn and Dina Powell got hired in the first place. We both know they didn’t vote for Trump. What are they trying to do? Paul Ryan is never going to like him.”

“There’s a real Trumpite in the White House, and his name happens to be Trump. Everybody in the White House told him to go into Syria. McMaster and Mattis put on the full court press. Well, guess what? Trump said he’s not going into Syria. So that’s that,” Stone said. “Trump is the only real Trumpite in the White House. Him and Steve Bannon. If Steve is forced out, there’s nobody with a frame of reference for who elected this guy. General McMaster is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He’s a traditional thinking neocon. He wanted 150,000 ground troops,” Stone said. “They just like war. They’ve been for regime change everywhere. Libya. How did that work out? It’s the same thing.”

Now, finally, President Trump has scored a real offensive victory in his war against the neocons.

Now, finally, Donald Trump is strong enough to become the President that HE, and his supporters, want him to be.

Finally, the United States is no longer arming the people trying to kill us. Who would have thought that would be such a tough victory to pull off?

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