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President Trump Ends Unconstitutional Restriction Against Funding Faith-Based Black Colleges

Trump is showing how much he cares about Christians and minorities with this compassionate move.



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President Donald Trump announced this week that his administration will lift a ban that had prevented federal funds from going to faith-based black colleges and universities, as his Department of Justice (DOJ) reviewed the rule and found it to be unconstitutional.

“Today, I’m thrilled to announce another major action we’re taking to protect HBCUs,” Trump said on Tuesday to commemorate National Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) Week at a conference in Washington, D.C.

“Previously, federal law restricted more than 40 faith-based HBCUs and seminaries from fully accessing federal support for capital improvement projects. This meant that your faith-based institutions, which have made such extraordinary contributions to America, were unfairly punished for their religious beliefs,” Trump added.

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Faith-based universities will no longer be discriminated against because of the actions of the Trump administration, as an antiquated federal rule will be reversed.

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“This week, our Department of Justice has published an opinion declaring such discriminatory restrictions as unconstitutional. It was a big step. And from now on, faith-based HBCUs will enjoy equal access to federal support,” Trump said.

The DOJ made a determination issued on Aug. 15 that restricting the Department of Education’s “authority to guarantee loans for capital improvements at historically black colleges and universities ‘in which a substantial portion of its functions is subsumed in a religious mission’ violates the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.”

They cited established case law to make their point, as the DOJ referenced Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Comer and Locke v. Davey in their decision. They claim that those Supreme Court rulings “establish that the government may not deny generally available funding to a sectarian institution because of its religious character.” The government ultimately has the “discretion to choose what activities to fund” as long as their behavior is non-discriminatory.

This announcement coincidentally coincides with the release of an article from Jemele Hill in The Atlantic in which she argued that more must be done by the black athletic community to help HBCUs. Hill, the serial race baiter who once called Trump a white supremacist before she was forced out of ESPN, will not likely be giving any credit to Trump for his push on behalf of HBCUs.

Despite being widely maligned as a racist by Democratic Party officials and the fake news media, Trump continues to look out for the interests of African-Americans and other minority voters. He is making a strong case for minority voters to abandon the Democrats and vote Republican in 2020.

“The fierce dedication to strengthening HBCUs is a core part of my administration’s unwavering focus on the project of national renewal,” Trump said at the conference.

Trump also noted that he has invalidated “ruinous trade policies that devastated millions of hard-working families and inflicted deep economic pain on many African-American communities.”

Right now, Trump has approval from roughly 10 percent of the African-American electorate, and he hopes that moves such as increasing funding for HBCUs will raise that number substantially before the 2020 presidential election rolls around.

Good News

Upcoming Book Shows the Heroism of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Who Exposed Defrocked Sex Abuse Cardinal

Viganò would make a great candidate for saint.



An upcoming book, Finding Viganò: In Search of the Man Whose Testimony Shook the Church and the World, profiles the courage and strength of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a whistleblower who exposed how a pedophile priest was being harbored by marxist apostate Pope Francis.

LifeSiteNews explains that book author Dr. Robert Moynihan was able to spend a few days with Viganò in July 2019, a rarity considering his reclusion since 2018. Viganò continues to stay in touch with a close circle of family members and friends while worshipping the Lord out of the public eye.

Viganò showed himself in public in January 2020 to pray and protest against the German Episcopal Conference and its President Cardinal Marx, who are pushing for Christian acceptance of homosexuality and other forms of sexual deviancy. However, Viganò has largely been in hiding since he published his iconic report regarding the rehabilitation of pedophile Cardinal Theodore McCarrick by Pope Francis after the Vatican fully understood that he preyed upon innocent children.

Big League Politics reported on McCarrick’s defrocking by the Catholic Church last year in the aftermath of Viganò’s shocking allegations:

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A former Roman Catholic Cardinal who was forced to resign from his office for sexual abuse last summer was dismissed from the clerical state in a Vatican trial on Friday.

Theodore McCarrick, 88, is the most senior member of the Catholic clergy to be defrocked in modern times. McCarrick was officially removed from the clergy on charges of soliciting sex while hearing confessions.

McCarrick had been first busted in July when a former altar boy went public with a story that involved McCarrick unzipping his pants and groping him in New York 1972. Another adult man then came public with his account of being abused by McCarrick as a boy, beginning when he was 11.

The sexual abuse accusations against the Cardinal led to several former Catholic seminarians stepping forward with accounts of McCarrick’s gay relationships with them. McCarrick had gained a reputation for abusive solicitation of men studying at seminaries to become Catholic priests.

The church judicial proceedings in regards to the abuse attributed to McCarrick revealed what many saw as a lack of will to confront allegations against the Archbishop of Washington among senior Vatican officials.

An Italian bishop, Carlo Maria Vigano, has accused Pope Francis of having prior knowledge of the accusations against McCarrick before they surfaced publicly. Vigano even took the almost entirely unprecedented step of calling for the Pope’s resignation over his handling of the now-disgraced former Cardinal.

Church authorities in the United States may have been secretly aware of the accusations against McCarrick, sweeping the reports under the rug.

Moynihan describes Viganò as “arguably one of the loneliest men in the world” while being forced into hiding to protect his own safety. Viganò is paying the price for having integrity and character in a world that is increasingly dominated by the Beast.

Despite the hurdles, Viganò does not regret exposing the Vatican’s protection of McCarrick and demanding the resignation of McCarrick’s enabler Pope Francis.

“Having clearly covered for McCarrick, it was only right that he first did what he asked the Chilean bishops to do,” Viganò told Moynihan about why it was right to demand Pope Francis’ resignation,

“It was something I had to do.” he explained. “I think that I have been a witness to the truth.”

He added that “my conscience is telling me to protect the Church. I see that the devil has been entering into the Church, on the top of it, and so that I have to stand up.”

If righteous Catholics can ultimately rise up and defeat the “deep church,” as Viganò refers to it, he will likely be remembered as one of the greatest followers of Christ ever to live and be a prime candidate for sainthood. Finding Viganò will be available for sale in November.

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