President Trump Extends Restriction on Temporary Worker Visas, Protecting American Professionals Amid Pandemic

President Donald Trump will formally extend a moratorium on the issuance of new migrant work visas, ensuring that a critical pro-American worker protection will remain in place in the New Year.

The extension of the visa ban will prevent US Citizenship and Immigration Services from handing out any new H-1B, H-2B, L-1 and other categories of work visa through its duration. The visa ban, originally enacted in June, is now slated to remain in place until March, when the President will determine whether to extend it or to open the markets to cheap foreign labor. The restriction on new temporary worker visas had been enacted earlier this year with the Trump administration citing pervasive economic insecurity in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and the need for American technology companies to invest in American workers.

Crony capitalist organizations such as the US Chamber of Commerce and Big Tech lobbied against the continuance of the ban, arguing that they deserve to increase their profits with the use of indentured cheap labor as many American professionals struggled to hold onto their careers in the midst of the pandemic.

Pro-American worker groups applauded the President for placing the economic concerns of American workers first. Many of the multinational corporations lobbying for increased visa giveaways have seen their profits and prospects increase during the pandemic, raising serious questions as to their fervent claims to need foreign labor.

While the unemployment rate has fallen, too many Americans are still looking for work and the economic impact outlook remains bleak,said RJ Hauman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “If this proclamation was allowed to lapse, then companies could easily return to exploiting cheap foreign labor.

A persistent legislative campaign on the part of Utah Senator Mike Lee to flood the labor markets with foreign visa workers appears to have been placed on ice for the next few months with December’s omnibus spending bill, but it’s expected Lee will resume his fervent attempts to eliminate per-country caps in issuance of visa worker green cards next year. Lee’s S386 proposal would allow individuals of large countries such as India to monopolize the American immigration system, a longtime goal of Big Tech in pursuit of a cheaper labor force.

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