President Trump Flagged by Twitter After Accusing Democrats of Trying to “Steal the Election”

Twitter nuked a tweet from President Donald Trump on Tuesday night, in which the President assailed what he called a Democrat election steal. Results of the 2020 presidential election are still unclear as of Tuesday night, with the elections of critical swing states Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada still undetermined.

A tweet from the President accusing Democrats of stealing the election through wide-ranging and questionable post-election ballot returns was placed under a censorship button, although it’s visible with a disclaimer.

President Trump also said that he was up in the election, promising to make a statement to the American people.

It’s incredibly dangerous for the Silicon Valley tech company to censor a statement from the President of the United States on the night of an election. The results of the election are unclear.

Twitter declined to do anything about tweets from Joe Biden that occurred at the same time, leaving a tweet in which Biden claimed he was on the way to winning the election in place.

Ballot processing in game-changing swing states such as Pennsylvania reportedly isn’t expected to be finished until Friday, in a relatively historically unprecedented development that jeopardizes the popular acceptance of the election’s outcome among the American people.

This is unprecedented territory. Big League Politics is monitoring the volatile situation for further developments.

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