President Trump Gives Advice to French Populist Eric Zemmour: ‘Never Give In. Keep Your Authenticity and Your Courage’

President Donald Trump spoke with French populist presidential candidate Eric Zemmour on Monday where he offered the upstart some words of wisdom.

The two anti-establishment figures reportedly talked for 40 minutes with Trump telling Zemmour to stand strong no matter what his opposition may do.

“To win, never change your line. Never give in. The media will think you are brutal. Never change if you want to win. Keep your authenticity and your courage,” Trump said.

Zemmour confirmed the reports that Trump relayed these important messages to him during their conversation.

“He told me to remain who I am, that the media would call me brutal but that what mattered was to stay true to myself,” Zemmour said to reporters on Tuesday.

“We share the same ideas, namely that the United States should remain the United States and France should remain France,” Zemmour said, adding that he told Trump that both of their countries are locked in a “battle of civilization.”

Big League Politics has reported on Zemmour’s upstart campaign that has given strong substantive messages to the French people beleaguered by the “Great Replacement”:

French populist and media pundit Eric Zemmour announced his presidential campaign and did so with fiery rhetoric taking aim directly at the ongoing war against Western Civilization.

“I have decided to take our destiny in my hands. I have decided to run in the presidential election,” Zemmour said in a video officially announcing his candidacy.

“It is no longer the time to reform France, but to save it,” he added, bemoaning the fact that native Frenchmen “no longer recognize [their] country.”

Zemmour has risen in popularity due to his bold and brash brand of politics and is now seen as the biggest threat to replace globalist French President Emmanuel Macron in next year’s election.

“We must give back the power to the people, take it back from minorities that oppress the majority,” he said.

Zemmour also said words harkening to the “Great Replacement,” which was for years dismissed as a racist conspiracy theory but is now rapidly coming to fruition throughout Europe.

“We will be worthy of our ancestors. We will not let them dominate us, subdue us, conquer us, colonize us. We will not let them replace us,” he said.”

Zemmour has a chance to become the Trump of France if he can convince French voters that he is more authentic than his other populist opponent, Marine Le Pen, and can defeat incumbent globalist French President Immanuel Macron.

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