President Trump: ‘We’re Going to Rebuild the FBI’

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Speaking to reporters prior to his departure on Marine One, President Donald Trump asserted that “we’re going to rebuild the FBI.”

His comments come days after damning anti-Trump text message conversations between two FBI employees who were having an affair were leaked to the public.

“Well, it’s a shame what’s happened with the FBI.  But we’re going to rebuild the FBI.  It will be bigger and better than ever.  But it is very sad when you look at those documents.  And how they’ve done that is really, really disgraceful, and you have a lot of very angry people that are seeing it.  It’s a very sad thing to watch, I will tell you that,” Trump said.

“And I’m going today, on behalf of the FBI, their new building.  But when everybody — not me — when everybody — the level of anger at what they’ve been witnessing with respect to the FBI is certainly very sad,” the president continued.

When asked if he believes that the special counsel is biased, Trump told the reporters that they will need to make that determination.

“Let’s put it this way,” Trump began. “There is absolutely no collusion.  That has been proven.  When you look at the committees, whether it’s the Senate or the House, everybody — my worst enemies, they walk out, they say, ‘There is no collusion but we’ll continue to look.’  They’re spending millions and millions of dollars.”

The president then asserted that he has nothing to do with Russia and “everybody knows it.”

“That was a Democrat hoax.  It was an excuse for losing the election, and it should have never been this way, where they spent all these millions of dollars,” Trump asserted.

However, Trump did not beat around the bush when it came to the Hillary Clinton investigation — stating bluntly that it was a “rigged system.”

“What we have found, and what they have found after looking at this, really, scam, is they found tremendous — whatever you want to call it; you’re going to have to make up your own determination — but they found tremendous things on the other side.  When you look at the Hillary Clinton investigation, it was — I’ve been saying for a long time — that was a rigged system, folks.  That was a rigged system,” Trump stated. “When you look at what they did with respect to the Hillary Clinton investigation, it was rigged.  And there’s never been anything like it in this country that we’ve ever found before.  It’s very, very sad.  Very, very sad.”

Though he acknowledged that the system is rigged, he would not comment on whether or not he has considered a pardon for the first victim of the Mueller witch hunt — General Michael Flynn.

“I don’t want to talk about pardons for Michael Flynn yet.  We’ll see what happens.  Let’s see.  I can say this:  When you look at what’s gone on with the FBI and with the Justice Department, people are very, very angry,” he stated.

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