President Trump Hammers the Fake News for Bombing Video Hoax While Correcting Distortions on Syria

President Donald Trump is pushing back against the spin from the fake news over his recent decision to remove troops from Northern Syria.

Trump was confronted by an ABC News reporter during a press conference on Wednesday, and refused to accept the spin that he was somehow responsible for violence that has occurred recently in Syria.

“Even after all you have seen – ISIS prisoners freed, all the humanitarian disaster – you don’t have any regret for giving Erdogan the green light to invade?” ABC reporter Johnathan Carl asked the President.

“I didn’t give him a green light,” Trump interjected.

“You know, when you make a statement like that, it’s so deceptive. It’s just the opposite of a green light. First of all, we have virtually no soldiers there. They were mostly gone, just a tiny little group, and they would have been in harm’s way. You have a massive army on the other side of the border,” he added.

From there, Trump blasted the ABC News reporter for the network’s recent fraudulent reporting about the conflict in which they distorted a video from a gun range to create the impression of a nonexistent bombing campaign in Syria.

“When you ask a question like that, it’s very deceptive… It’s almost as deceptive as you showing all of the bombings taking place in Syria that turned out that the bombing that you showed on television took place in Kentucky,” Trump said.

President Trump released a video on his Twitter feed highlighting the deception from ABC News on Wednesday as well:

They were forced to release a half-hearted apology about the situation after being exposed on social media:

However, as Carpe Donktum has pointed out, this was not mere incompetence by the fake news. ABC actively edited the video to make it passable as war footage, thinking that their viewers wouldn’t be intelligent enough to make the connection.

The gun range whose video was ripped off by the fake news, the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, KY, does not plan to take any legal action over the deceitful display by ABC.

“(ABC News airing the video) is getting our name out as a business, and we’ll take the free advertisement,” Sumner told the Louisville Courier Journal.

“We’re a family-owned business,” Sumner added. “We’re not money-hungry or sue-happy. We just hope they take more into consideration for what they’re airing.”

Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen. The fake news has been caught misrepresenting the facts hundreds of times, and they will continue to do so until they go broke – which, due to their red-inked balance sheets, may be coming very soon.

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