President Trump Humiliates ‘Nobody’ Alyssa Farah, The Former Staffer Trying To Hype A Pence Presidential Run

President Donald Trump finally called out Alyssa Farah, the “nobody” who worked for the Trump administration in multiple positions including in the Trump White House and as press secretary for traitorous quisling former vice president Mike Pence. Pence chose not to play the “Pence Card,” instead signing off on the heavily disputed 2020 election certification that swept Joe Biden into the White House and disenfranchised Trump-supporting patriots nationwide. Farah is trying to push the idea, through CNN, that Mike Pence could run against President Trump in a 2024 presidential primary, even saying that “There is a vocal, what I think is a minority, the “Hang Mike Pence” crowd, who are never going to be with him. But I think he could see himself as somebody who bridges the gap of those who supported Trump but also want sanity.”

Farah has expressed her establishment views. President Trump took exception to Farah’s appearance on The View. Despite whatever talking points Alyssa Farah might push, Mike Pence is no President Donald Trump. And President Donald Trump is making it known that Alyssa Farah is not in Trump’s inner circle.

“Heard that Alyssa Farah was terrible on The View—they could have asked the people who know her and saved a lot of time. She was a “backbencher” in the White House, and is now a nobody again. We put her out there to face the public as little as possible,” President Trump stated.

President Trump continued, “It’s amazing how these people leave with respect and adoration for me and others in the White House, but as soon as CNN or other cameras get shoved in their face, or the losers from the The View ask a question, or money gets thrown at them, or someone writes a fake book, inglorious lightweights like Farah change so quickly. I watched this clown on television saying exactly what they wanted her to say and I watched the lies. Was she paid by low-ratings CNN? By the way, as soon as the Crime of the Century happened on November 3rd, I knew the Election was Rigged and Stolen, and never changed my view on that one bit. I did not go soft on the “Real” Big Lie, the Election Scam, and never will. Backbencher said I told her I lost the Election—never did. I virtually never even spoke to Farah (it’s like she didn’t even exist in the White House). Anybody who ever says that I thought the Election was legit, even for a moment, is wrong. All you have to do is look at the thousands of pages of documents and evidence—which continues to mount. When we told Alyssa to “hit the road,” she wrote a very nice letter stating that working for “Trump” was “the honor of a lifetime” and she was “deeply proud of the incredible things we were able to accomplish to make our country stronger, safer, and more secure.” Show the rest of the letter Alyssa, and explain why you wrote it!”

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