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President Trump: ‘I Never Received One Call From Senator Nelson To Help Out The People of Florida’



“Almost two years as president, I never received one call from Senator Nelson to help out the people of Florida. Not a call. Not a call,” President Donald Trump revealed in his rally Saturday night in Pensacola, Florida.

“This man, all the time. That’s got to mean something,” Trump said, referring to Rick Scott, who is running against Nelson for Senate. Ron DeSantis, meanwhile, is running against left-winger Andrew Gillum to replace Scott as governor.

“I don’t see Bill Nelson for 5 and a half years, and around Election Time he’s on television every night…A vote for Nelson is just a vote for Chuck Schumer,” Trump said.

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President Donald Trump promised a new 10 percent tax cut for the middle class in his rally Saturday night in Pensacola, Florida.

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“We’re working on that right now,” Trump said.

Trump acknowledged the massive economic success that his first round of tax cuts brought — not to mention all the regulation cuts — but he still clearly wants to do more.

The ten percent middle-class tax cut, if enacted, will expand on the tax cuts that are already contributing to America’s rapid GDP growth.


Joe Exotic’s Legal Team Traveling to DC To Request Presidential Pardon

They hope to get the attention of President Trump.



The legal team of exotic wildlife connoisseur and Netflix ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic is planning a tour-style trip to Washington D.C. in order to request a presidential pardon for Exotic from President Trump. Exotic is currently serving a 22-year sentence at a federal prison in Texas, after being convicted for a murder-for-hire plot against a Florida big cat sanctuary owner. Exotic maintains his innocence, claiming he was set up by nefarious elements within the exotic animal and zoo trade.

The Exotic advocates appear intent on publicizing the larger-than-life story surrounding the Tiger King’s downfall and arrest, documented in the hit Netflix series many quarantined Americans have become enamored with.

Big League Politics published a new letter from the controversial and colorful zookeeper, detailing his continued claims of innocence and his life within the Federal Medical Center at Fort Worth. Eric Love, a close Exotic associate, thanked the Tiger King’s new fans for their support of the now-incarcerated animal lover. Exotic’s lawyers are appealing the Oklahoma native’s murder-for-hire and animal abuse convictions in the federal court system, in addition to seeking an official pardon from the President.

President Donald Trump confirmed that he knew little to nothing about the peculiar Oklahoma zookeeper, having been largely preoccupied with the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic ever since the six-part documentary series covering Exotic’s downfall has come out. Donald Trump Jr. is known to be a fan of the series, and suggested that his father might be willing to commute Exotic’s hefty sentence if made familiar with the big cat lover’s case.

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