President Trump: If Sleepy Joe Biden Wins, China Will Own the United States

President Donald Trump slammed Joe Biden for his reliable and enduring pro-China track record during decades in office, stating that if he were to win the November presidential election, China and various other foreign interests would “own” the United States.

Trump also called out Biden’s support of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Watch President Trump’s devastating slam of the former Vice President during Saturday’s briefing here:

I think you have numerous countries waiting to see if Sleepy Joe wins, because if Sleepy Joe won… They will own our country.

Biden has even refused to seriously criticize China for their malfeasance in the global coronavirus epidemic, initially condemning President Trump’s early travel ban on the nation as “hysterical xenophobia.

Biden would almost certainly reverse President Trump’s revolutionary America First trade and tariff agenda, allowing free reign for China to resume the economic piracy that led to the greatest wealth transfer in human history from the United States to the country starting in the 1990’s.

A Biden presidency would represent a return to the failed economic status quo of the neoliberal era that allowed predatory state-run enterprises to outsource vast swathes of American industry. Trump advisor Peter Navarro has pointed out the need to renationalize America’s vital supply line, pointing out the uselessness of globalization in a period where nations such as China have implemented wide-ranging export bans.

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