President Trump Invites Kim To America As Hong Kong Protests Further Weaken China

President Donald Trump has reclaimed the upper hand in renewed trade negotiations with China, befriending China’s nuclear weapon-wielding ace in the hole Kim Jong Un.

After President Trump became the first sitting Commander in Chief to step foot on North Korean soil — on a peacemaking trip attended by America First stalwart Tucker Carlson but not by neocon adviser John Bolton — Trump invited Kim to visit America “when the time is right,” as teams from both the Trump and Un camps work out details of their ongoing negotiations.

If Trump can neutralize Un as a China-supported threat to the United States, the Chinese lose leverage in their angling with Trump over the US-China trade imbalance. Trump managed to revive talks with China at the G20 Summit in Japan after negotiations stalled for a while. The deal looked close to getting done back in March when Trump’s envoy Steven Mnuchin and Robert Lighthizer met with the Chinese on their turf and ours. China agreed in principle to purchase $1.2 trillion in American goods over a six-year period to wipe out the US-China trade deficit by the year 2024, a result of Trump’s tariffs sticking China with its worst economic growth figure in 2018 since 1990. But disputes lingered over China’s intellectual property theft of American tech inventors, and their anticipated spying on American citizens through 5G technology. Talks stalled, and China went to the European Union — still reeling from Trump outplaying them and getting them to buy massive amounts of American soybeans — for diplomatic support.

President Trump is not raising tariffs on the beleaguered Chinese at this time, but pressure is mounting on China in other ways.

Protests in Hong Kong — centered around the anniversary of Hong Kong’s virtual takeover by China — further underscore the extent to which anti-China opposition is festering in East Asia. Though many in Hong Kong have long opposed their Chinese governors and their Chinese-supported puppet leaders, the magnitude of hostilities in the city illustrate the dire fact that this situation is a powder keg, and it’s not going away anytime soon. China’s insistence on passing a proposed law that would extradite Hong Kong residents to Communist China for criminal trials is the major sticking point right now.

Another lesson learned in all of this: Dennis Rodman is an historic world peacemaker.

The American people are grateful to Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman in 2017 passed along to the North Koreans a copy of President Donald Trump’s bestselling book The Art of The Deal as part of Rodman’s informal ambassador work on behalf of the United States.

Dennis Rodman implored the press in 2013 to ask Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton about North Korea issues, clearly expressing his displeasure with both Obama and Clinton.

Rodman had good reason to distrust Clinton and Obama. After all, Hillary Clinton mocked Rodman’s diplomacy in a late-night corporate TV interview. “Yeah, well, whatever,” Hillary Clinton said of Rodman’s work, dismissing the basketball legend’s historic efforts.

Rodman told the American people that Kim Jong Un just wanted the American president to call him, but Barack Obama did not listen. In fact, the Obama White House specifically rebuked Rodman and said they would not take Rodman’s advice.

Good thing President Trump got into office.


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