President Trump is Feuding with GOP Mega-Donor Sheldon Adelson Over Campaign Contributions

As President Donald Trump tries to achieve re-election in November, he faces opposition not only from his Democratic opposition, but also from the traitors within the GOP who are working to sabotage him.

One major GOP establishment player, Las Vegas casino owner and mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, was once believed to be Trump’s biggest supporter within traditional Republican circles. However, this may no longer be the case as he and Trump recently had a tense conversation about Adelson’s lack of material support for his campaign.

Politico reported about the spat that took place between Trump and Adelson. Three different sources have confirmed that Trump called Adelson out for not giving enough money to his re-election campaign. Adelson reportedly did not object to any of Trump’s allegations. Republican Party officials are now worried that Adelson will cut off Trump completely as a result of the exchange.

Trump’s frustration with Adelson may have to do with how badly the Democrats are beating the Republicans with outside money. Liberal outside groups are outspending their Republican counterparts by a 3-to-1 margin since the spring. Adelson has given hundreds of millions to super PACs over the previous decade but is apparently lagging in doing so with regards to President Trump.

“It’s important that the word get out to donors that we need the super PACs and we need them to step up to the plate,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh, whose pro-free market organization is expected to launch a $5 million TV campaign this week. “There hasn’t been the urgency on the super PAC side. But now we’re seeing that you’ve got to take care of that, too.”

The Republican billionaire class have been reticent to Trump, whose “America First” message does not necessarily help their business interests. Vulture capitalist Paul Singer, real estate mogul Mel Sembler, and Wall Street investor Charles Schwab have given substantial donations over this political cycle to the super PAC for Senate Republicans – establishment money controlled by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – while snubbing pro-Trump super PACs.

Trump and Adelson have grown close because of the president’s pro-Israel policies. He has boasted frequently about being the most pro-Israel president in U.S. history.

“I’m a one-issue person. That issue is Israel,” Adelson said in 2017.

Big League Politics has reported on how Trump has fulfilled his promise for the state of Israel, so much so that they even named a city after him in the Golan Heights:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed naming a town in the historic Golan Heights after President Donald J. Trump in a video statement earlier today, after the president made the monumental decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the territory.

Today, as a gesture of gratitude toward the United States and President Trump, Netanyahu announced that he would sponsor a resolution calling for a new Golan Heights town to be named after the American president.

“I’m here on the beautiful Golan Heights, all Israelis were deeply moved when President Trump made his historic decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights,” said Netanyahu. “Therefore after the Passover holiday, I intend to bring to the government a resolution calling for a new community on the Golan heights named after President Donald J. Trump.”

President Trump’s decision to recognize Israel’s authority over the region came only weeks before the recent election in Israel that saw Netanyahu snag another historic victory. It also comes over 50 years after Israel captured the region in 1967, and 38 years after it was officially annexed by Israel.

Even though Trump has fulfilled his promise to Adelson, he is not living up to his end of the bargain with his donations. Billionaire Republican paymasters can never be trusted.

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