President Trump Launches ‘Operation Diligent Valor’ to Clean Up BLM/ANTIFA Terror in Portland

President Donald Trump renders honors during the 136th Coast Guard Academy commencement exercise in New London, Conn., May 17, 2017. The ceremony was the President’s first service academy graduation as commander-in-chief. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Kelley.

President Donald Trump has launched “Operation Diligent Valor” to clean up the streets of Portland that have been besieged by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter for weeks, according to court documents leaked to the press.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is deploying over 100 agents to the city of Portland to deal with the terror that has turned the town into a permanent hellscape. They are in the city to protect federal buildings from vandalism. The DHS Rapid Deployment Force has been used to stop the terror rampage.

Liberals are whining about law and order being inflicted in the city by the Trump administration. Left-wing journalists are filing a lawsuit against the city of Portland, the U.S. Marshals Service, and DHS alleging they attempted to “intimidate the press” by attacking them.

“On the morning of July 4th, the DHS Rapid Deployment Force implemented tactics intended to positively identify and arrest serious offenders for crimes such as assault, while protecting the rights of individuals engaged in protected free speech activity,” Federal Protective Services (FPS) regional director Gabriel Russell wrote about the operation.

Despite the push back, the Trump administration maintains that the program will continue. The White House wants to restore law and order in Portland while Mayor Ted Wheeler refuses to do anything to stop left-wing terror.

“We will maintain our presence,” said Ken Cuccinelli, the acting Department of Homeland Security deputy secretary, to CNN. “When that violence recedes and those threats recede, that is when we would ratchet back down to what I would call normal presence defending and protecting federal facilities.”

Big League Politics reported on Wednesday about how the left-wing mob even attacked Wheeler, despite the fact that he has done everything to placate them throughout their communist uprising:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler made an appearance at one of the city’s nightly left-wing protests, which frequently devolve into violent riots, on Wednesday. It didn’t go well, with the crowd of leftists berating Wheeler, surrounding the Democratic mayor, cursing him out, and at one point dumping a bag of metal objects in front of him.

Wheeler went on to give a speech to the crowd of assembled protestors, who persevered in loudly booing and cursing him as he tried to voice his support for the rioters.

One rioter dumped a full bag of metal objects in front of Wheeler as he was walking to address the protestors, which the mayor simply ignored as he proceeded on his way.

Wheeler was fully surrounded by left-wing protestors and rioters and aggressively publicly shamed. The mayor’s attempt to recite a set of pro-riot talking points was quite literally overwhelmed by the curses of the rioters, who made it clear that they see Wheeler as nothing more than a “fascist.”

At one point Wheeler was asked whether he supports the outright abolition of the Portland police. He was brutally shamed after he responded to the negative, in a scene eerily reminiscent of the public shaming of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey at a similar left-wing protest weeks ago.

Protestors projected an image of their demands just above Wheeler as he spoke, demanding a 50% defunding of the Portland Police bureau and the mayor’s resignation.

These leftists have no sympathy for the city’s neoliberal mayor, regardless of the privileges he has tirelessly worked to afford them.

The Trump administration needs to restore law and order in the streets, or Trump will likely be a one-term president. Operation Diligent Valor is a positive step toward that laudable goal.

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