President Trump Looks To Turn Minnesota and Virginia Red

President Donald Trump is reportedly looking to turn Minnesota red in the 2020 election.

NPR reports: Trump acknowledged the Democratic hold on Minnesota during a quick stop there Monday to tout his signature tax law. “This has been a very special state. It has been a rare victory for Republicans. And we almost won it,” Trump said during a visit to a trucking company in Burnsville, a suburb of Minneapolis. He said the result would have been different if he had come more often: “One more speech.” Trump used the official White House event, which lasted just over an hour, to speak to local concerns. He addressed proposed mining and pipeline projects in the north, farmers’ anxieties in the vast agricultural parts of Minnesota and simmering tensions across the state over immigration.”

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President Trump is focusing on flipping states that went blue in 2016 to further bolster his electoral college chances, which are undercut by the number of Puerto Ricans moving to Florida and by Democrat efforts to win Trump’s Midwest strongholds — as evidenced by Bernie Sanders’ campaigning in the Rust Belt and Justin Amash’s speculated libertarian third-party run.

BLP reported:

President Donald Trump is putting Virginia in play in the 2020 election, marking a Trump campaign offensive in a state carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Virginia’s shift to the Blue column was exacerbated by the first Trump campaign’s unwillingness to spend lots of time or resources there. But with deep coffers and a more organized approach this time around, Trump thinks he can win the Commonwealth. Democrats in Virginia are still rocked by scandal, including governor Ralph Northam’s blackface/KKK photo, lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax’s sex assault allegations, attorney general Mark Herring’s blackface scandal, delegate Ibraheem Samirah’s anti-Semitism scandal, and the communications director of the Virginia Democrats telling black conservatives to leave the state. (READ: Big League Politics Exposes Racist Ralph Northam).

“Tell them we think Virginia is in play and that I’m going to be there,” Trump said to Mike Pence as Pence headed to a Virginia fundraiser, according to Politico.

A historically black college recently canceled on a Northam event as the governor tried to organize a racial “listening tour” of the state.

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