President Trump Makes Smart Move, Declares February 15 Deadline: Deal or Emergency Wall

President Donald Trump made the smart move by ending the government shutdown and declaring a February 15 deadline to build the Wall.

President Trump’s leverage comes from his ability to declare a national emergency to build the Wall. That’s what all of this is about. It’s about building a Wall to proclaim our national sovereignty and keep out the many illegal aliens who terrorize our country.

The shutdown was good. It was enjoyable. It sent a good message. But even though Trump set the all-time consecutive days record, it still did not result in the kind of large-scale offensive against mandated-government employment that should happen on Day One of a true populist administration. This shutdown will not yield any sizable gains against the always-spreading virus of Democrat government dependency. It’s quite possible that Trump’s presidency will never make any progress on that front.

When it became clear that the shutdown was not going to back Pelosi off her position then it just became an excuse for Jared Kushner and Lindsey Graham to force as much pro-amnesty stuff into the legislation as possible under the guise of “compromise” and “winning the narrative.” I really want to like that Jared guy, but what is the point of whipping up an awesome shutdown so that a New York liberal who would never deign to speak to any of us can run point on it? Jared is only in his thirties, why does he get to be this untouchable power source who is not held accountable to Trump’s base, this annoying guy behind the glass?

Well, actually, Roger Stone might be the guy behind the glass pretty soon. And Roger is a whole lot better at politics than Jared Kushner is.

Look, the only narrative is President Donald J. Trump and the American people against the forces of Globalism.

We are definitely sympathetic to Ann Coulter’s position that Trump needs to do a lot more on immigration, but Ann is an immigration hardliner, she was not married to the shutdown. The shutdown was just a strategy. If Trump uses the national emergency option on February 15, Ann should be cool.

I guess we should hope for gridlock between now and then, so we can just skip to the national emergency deadline and get the Wall before Jared manages to pass some awful amnesty package.

The problem with the media is that they only talk to themselves, so they create all these narratives instead of just looking at the practicality of the situation and using good judgment in real time, which is what the Commander in Chief is designed to do.

Does the president look weak to Pelosi? Is the president alienating his base?

As a very active member of President Trump’s base, let me just state for the record: Nobody in the media cares about Trump’s base, or whether or not Trump is serving his base. Nobody in the media is looking out for Trump’s best interests, okay? So just get that out of your head right now.

The base supports the president in his spiritual warfare against the establishment. People who exist in the 24-hour TV world should stop speaking on behalf of President Trump’s base, because President Trump’s base increasingly does not care what they have to say anymore and we’re willing to just play ball any way legally necessary now.

Because, you know, our people are literally getting arrested for invented crimes.

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