President Trump: Moving to Reopen Economy Will Be “Biggest Decision I’ve Ever Had to Make”

President Trump spoke in serious terms about the eventual re-opening of the American economy at Friday’s White House press briefing, stating that timing the federal government’s easing of restrictions would be the “biggest decision I’ve ever had to make.

President Trump is not making a haughty push to reopen America’s businesses and institutions, while recognizing that their continued closure has been a difficult disruption to everyday life and the economy. He made it clear that he’s continuing to listen to the advice of medical experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx.

I listen to them about everything. We’re not doing anything until we know that this country is going be healthy. We don’t want to go back and start doing it over again.

The President also announced he would be commissioning an “Open the Economy” task force on April 14th that will provide advice for the reopening of economic institutions. Both doctors and business leaders will purportedly be staffing the task force.

Trump’s remarks indicate that it’s likely businesses and major institutions will open at a gradual pace, and Dr. Fauci said Friday that it’s likely the United States will incur some cases of coronavirus when people begin going back to work.

The CDC’s existing social distancing guidelines last until April 30th, and it appears likely that some forms of reintegration could begin around that date. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is expected to issue an executive order within the next few days offering guidelines towards the eventual reopening of businesses and organizations.

I want to get it open as soon as possible,” said Trump of the economy. “This country was meant to be open and vibrant and great.” The President has previously suggested that the economy could start running again in early May.

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