President Trump: People Are Impressed The Government Is Working So Well During The Shutdown

President Donald Trump remarked on the federal government’s efficiency during the shutdown, in which government workers are temporarily going without pay while Democrats refuse to provide $5.7 billion in funds for the proposed southern border Wall.

“We’re going to stay out for a long time, if we have to. We’ll be out for a long time,” President Trump stated on a conference call Wednesday with some of his supporters.

“People are very impressed with how well government is working with the circumstances that we’re under,” said President Trump on the call.

Trump scored big wins Wednesday while Democrats scramble to find ways to keep themselves relevant in these negotiations.

President Trump met with the Democrat “Problem Solvers Caucus” at the White House without Pelosi.

Democrat congressman Hakeem Jeffries said on the House floor that Democrats “are prepared to have a conversation about infrastructure on the border” and “a conversation about our broken immigration system.”

Jeffries is the latest Democrat to suggest open-mindedness on compromise so long as Democrats can use a different term than “Wall.”

Jeffries said that Democrats are not prepared to have these conversations during President Trump’s supposedly vindictive government shutdown, but they might have no choice.

California Democrat Katie Hill went on Fox News to talk about Democrat openness to “physical barriers,” and Rep. Cheri Bustos expressed openness to a “partial Wall.”

Pelosi is still haunted by her ignoring of the Angel families who visited her office