President Trump Prepares Afghanistan Peace Deal To End America’s Longest War

President Donald Trump is preparing a monumental peace deal with the Afghan Taliban to withdraw thousands of U.S service members from Afghanistan and start winding down America’s lengthiest war.

The President is dispatching Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to attend the signing of the peace deal in Qatar. The White House published a statement on the upcoming peace deal Friday, emphasizing the need to finally end the seemingly endless Afghan War.

The statement emphasizes President Trump’s campaign promise during 2016 to pursue a final end to the ceaseless, never-ending conflict.

Senior military and state department officials had met with representatives of the Taliban on Thursday night. The Taliban has been negotiating with the United States and the Afghan government on and off for months now.

Leaked documents have revealed a legacy of corruption and waste surrounding the U.S presence in Afghanistan.

The US-Taliban peace deal with reduce the amount of American service members present within the country from around 13,000 to 8,600. The burden of securing Taliban-dominated Afghan provinces will now be further shifted upon the Afghan government, a largely corrupt entity that has largely failed to provide a lasting and meaningful governmental alternative to the Islamist organization.

The Taliban has agreed never again to host extremist organizations such as al-Qaeda or ISIS in Afghanistan that plot attacks on the United States from the nation. The signing of the deal in Qatar has been preceded by a seven-day limited ceasefire, which the militant group had to obey in order for American authorities to sign the deal.

Some hawkish Senators and congressmen have openly called for limitless and infinite American military presence in the troubled Central Asian country.

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