President Trump Questions Fox News’ Leftward Shift: “Loading Up With Democrats”

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Fox News, the cable news behemoth founded by Rupert Murdoch, is continuing down the path of embracing standard mainstream media progressivism, and many of the network’s longtime viewers are questioning the decision to become one of many liberal news outlets.

President Trump himself slammed the network’s increasing affiliation with the Democratic Party in a series of Sunday tweets, accusing the network of “loading up with Democrats.”

Primetime 8PM host Tucker Carlson continues to shine as a remaining America First and nationalist voice at the network, as elite progressives flood into other programming set on promoting liberal Democrats to unsuspecting Fox viewers. Liberal media suckup Chris Wallace recently shocked many conservatives with his unapologetic worship of neoliberal Democrat Pete Buttigieg, shamelessly fanboying when he asked Buttigieg how it was he’s supposedly mustered so many “cool moments” on the campaign trail.

It serves the interests of the elite oligarch Murdoch family- who are known as progressive Democrats, despite their ownership of the network- to convert Fox from a center-right news channel to yet another liberal media propaganda outlet akin to MSNBC. The younger Murdochs doubtlessly seek praise and adulation from their fellow billionaire oligarchs, who want to see Fox’s more inconvenient political programming replaced with CNN-style nonsense, in which substantial policy discussions would be largely replaced with liberal gossip over personalities and tabloid silliness.

Although Fox could plausibly be altered into a generic liberal mainstream media outlet, there’s a plethora of alternative media organizations and outlets that could fill the void left behind once conservatives seek real reporting and political coverage elsewhere. Close network competitor One America News Network is said to be a favorite of President Trump, although increasingly consumers are looking beyond cable news’ business model towards independent media outlets such as Big League Politics.

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