President Trump Releases FULL 60 Minutes Interview To Counteract Fake News Bias

President Donald Trump released the full session of his interview with 60 Minutes presenter Lesley Stahl on Thursday morning, seeking to counteract deceptive edits on the part of liberal media network CBS.

The interview was uploaded on President Trump’s Facebook page on Thursday morning.

CBS’s Stahl can be seen engaging in charged political commentary during the Presidential interview, attempting to correct matter-of-fact statements from the President, such as responding “you know that’s not true” when he speaks of the strength of the economy before the coronavirus pandemic.

The two go on to discuss the national coronavirus response, with the President pointing to quickly decreasing mortality rates in the country that he attributes to what he calls the most stringent testing system in the world. The daily diagnoses of new coronavirus cases in the “progressive” European Union have surpassed those in the United States.

The President continues to call Stahl out as a fake news media personality throughout the duration of the interview, rebuking charged, biased questions and liberal Democrat talking points from the supposedly “neutral” legacy media news show.

60 Minutes had whined upon finding out that the President would release the full video of the 60 Minutes White House interview. They had hoped that they’d be able to color the exchange with deceptive and selective editing, producing a de facto campaign advertisement for Democrat Joe Biden as the President’s challenger proves unable or unwilling to meaningfully campaign.

President Trump names China as the United States’ most potent foreign adversary in the interview, and points to the need for continued tough trade restrictions on the mercantilist-Communist dictatorship.

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