President Trump Rocks Vegas: ‘I Want To Give A Victory Speech On Election Night’

President Donald Trump rocked Las Vegas with a comprehensive midterm campaign speech. President Trump made it clear that he wants to give his victory speech in November for the Republican Party.

Since Democrats are making the midterm elections a referendum on Trump’s impeachment, the president’s presence on the campaign trail serves to remind Americans of his accomplishments in office — with the Deep State against him no less.

Here is an independent livestream of Trump’s speech followed by some of his most awesome quotes from the raucous address:

“Remember when President Obama said you can’t have manufacturing jobs anymore. By the way, he’s campaigning again. That’s good news.”

“Remember? There is no way that Donald Trump gets to 270. No. We got to 306!”

“Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than 30 years.”

“Hispanic. Any Hispanic here, I think so. Hispanic unemployment rate is the lowest in history.”

“Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded in our history.”

“We enacted regulatory relief for community banks and credit unions so now they can go and loan you money again.”

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