President Trump Ruins And Dunks All Over ‘RINO’ State Senator Paul Boyer After Boyer Betrays MAGA In Election Integrity Effort

President Donald Trump is taking delight in dunking all over “RINO” Republican state senator Paul Boyer, who was forced out of his re-election race for state senate after Boyer refused to stand with President Trump regarding the results of the disputed 2020 presidential election. Boyer unsuccessfully tried to stop Arizona state senate president Karen Fann from getting 2020 ballots out of Maricopa County for the Arizona recount.

On Monday, President Trump endorsed Anthony Kern, a candidate who is angling to replace Boyer in the state senate. President Trump stated: “Former Arizona State Representative Anthony Kern has already forced RINO Senator Paul Boyer out of the race for Arizona State Senate. Anthony is an incredible fighter for Election Integrity, and will bring back honesty to our voting system. He will advocate for America First policies, protect our Second Amendment, fight for strong Borders, Jobs, Great Education, and he supports decertifying the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election results. Anthony Kern has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Previously, President Trump called out Boyer for trying to stop the Arizona election audit, with Trump stating: “Republican Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer, a RINO if there ever was one, is doing everything in his power to hold up the damning Forensic Audit of Maricopa County which has been taking place over the last 90 days. The people of Arizona are demanding it. Boyer has been nothing but trouble, and nobody knows why. All we demand is Voter Integrity!┬áHe is being primaried by a strong and highly respected challenger, former Arizona State Representative Anthony Kern.”

Nevertheless, Boyer, whose Twitter bio states “Arizona State Senator. Love Israel,” is disparaging Trump as Boyer fades from political relevance. Boyer stated, “Electoral College loser endorses another loser and Jan. 6th rioter for public office.” Boyer has fewer than 6,000 Twitter followers as of press time.

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