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Border Security

President Trump Set to Visit South Texas to Inspect Wall, Tout Border Accomplishments

A farewell tour.



President Donald Trump is slated to visit Alamo, Texas on Tuesday, where he’ll inspect the southern border wall and tout his administration’s policy accomplishments on immigration.

The event will be the President’s first public appearance since Wednesday, when he spoke at a rally that took place before a raucous protest outside of the US Capitol. President Trump has been suspended- permanently or indefinitely from every major Big Tech social media platform in the aftermath of the Capitol protest, which featured protestors storming the US Capitol and disrupting electoral college certification proceedings.

Mainstream media figures and verified liberal commentators spread misinformation upon reports of the President’s Alamo, Texas trip, which will visit new wall construction on the border in the Rio Grande Valley. The Left claimed that Trump was visiting the historic fortress of the Alamo, which is actually located in San Antonio. Alamo is in Hidalgo County and is merely named after the fortress.

More than 450 miles of new border wall have been constructed during President Trump’s time in office, much of it replacing dilapidated fencing that was insufficient to secure the most hazardous and compromised areas of the southern border. The latest installment of funding for border wall construction was included in December’s omnibus funding package.

Building a “big, beautiful” wall on the southern border was President Trump’s signature campaign proposal in his 2016 campaign, and he’ll highlight the progress and accomplishments completed on the key campaign promise.


Border Security

Biden Executive Order Terminates Construction of New Border Wall



President Joe Biden signed an executive order halting the construction of new border wall on the southern border in one of his first actions as President.

The order terminates an emergency proclamation that allowed discretion to divert federal funding towards wall construction.

The proclamation will direct an immediate pause in wall construction projects to allow a close review of the legal basis for the funding, as well as the contract methods being used, and it will determine the best ways to redirect funds that were diverted by the Trump administration to fund wall construction,” said Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

The termination of wall construction comes as a Central American caravan numbering in the thousands travels through Honduras and Guatemala, with the intention of securing immigration amnesty from President Biden. The leaders of the caravan have cited Biden’s left-wing immigration promises as the imperative for its formation, demanding he honor what they see as promises of admittance.

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Drug-cartel human smugglers are already chomping at the bit at the idea of resuming illegal immigration smuggling en masse during Biden’s presidency, assured that they’ll have free reign to infiltrate America’s borders in a manner akin to the state of affairs under previous establishment Presidents.

Biden also signed Trump’s executive order overturning a travel ban from several high-risk nations. Another executive order re-enrolls the United States into the globalist Paris Climate Accords, which mandates strict carbon emissions curbs on the United States without imposing similar requirements on China.

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