President Trump Shuts Down Fake News Narrative on China Travel Ban

President Donald Trump continued to shut down a plethora of fake news narratives during Sunday’s presidential press briefing, providing the daily figurative roundhouse kick to the White House press corps that many Americans have become accustomed to in the previous few weeks of coronavirus self-isolation.

CBS’s News Weijia Jiang started off the briefing by trying to challenge Trump on the federal response, only to be reminded that the federal government’s response was one of the most prompt and punctual of any major country to suffer an outbreak of the virus.

Watch the exchange here:

“How many cases of the virus were in the United States when I issued the [travel ban] on China?” There had been zero deaths from coronavirus when President Trump closed the borders of the United States to China.

The President went on to call out CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, pointing to the disrespect from the mainstream media for first responders, medical workers, service members, and other essential workers who have played a tremendous role in assisting the general public to flatten the curve.

CNN’s Don Lemon went on to demoan the “bullying” of the mainstream media during narrative control on the liberal network, making the President’s attitude the news priority during the midst of the historically unprecedented epidemic.

Sadly, the partisanship and reactionary hysteria from members of the mainstream media reliably prevents Americans from hearing quality information about controlling the coronavirus epidemic and preparing the nation’s population to reopen the economy. But don’t think the media will back down from its daily conniptions at the White House events.

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