President Trump Signs Back Pay Bill, Placing Blame For Workers’ Lack of Pay On Democrats

President Donald Trump has signed the bill guaranteeing back pay for the furloughed federal government workers, which underscores the reason for this shutdown: Democrats refusing to provide $5.7 billion in funds for President Trump’s southern border wall.

President Trump signed the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019.

With the workers assured pay, the Democrats are squarely in the center of attention. The government can only be re-opened with their commitment to funding the border wall.

Now, every day that the shutdown drags on and workers don’t get paid can be perceived to be the fault of Democrats. If Democrats fund the border wall, then the workers can get paid again.

The idea that government workers could sue over the shutdown — as some did in 2013 — has appeared in the mainstream media but has not picked up too much steam.

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