President Trump Slams Never Trump RINO’s in Brutal Tweet Thread

Republicans Support Trump Tweets

President Donald Trump sounded off against a set longstanding Never Trumper faux Republicans in a tweet thread on Monday night.

Former D.C. establishment Republicans are seeking to capitalize on the coronavirus epidemic in order to spin a political attack against Trump, ignoring that the consequences of the virus are being spread across the entire world. The Never Trumpers are copying an old Ronald Reagan ad to attack the President.

President Trump blasted longtime liberal RINO’s George Conway and Rick Wilson in the tweet thread. The liberals have banded together under the banner of the “Lincoln Project,’ raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from elite donors and mostly spending the money on handsome salary payments to political consultants.

The Never Trumper Lincoln Project PAC has spent more than two-thirds of its total expenditures since November on salary payments, raising questions about the political veracity of the group.

The President went on to point out the group is staffed by the former Republican establishment political losers of yesterday, including former John Kasich operative Jeff Weaver and John McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt.

President Trump can’t ultimately control a virus that is entirely new to science. But most of the evidence suggests the United States has done an effective job at containing the disease, with the country suffering lower rates of infection and lower deaths per capita than European countries.

For the Never Trumpers, the opportunity to spin political talking points against the President is the absolute priority.

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