President Trump Unhappy About Obama’s Collusion With Russia

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has expressed anger about his Democrat predecessor Barack Obama’s collusion with Russia during the eight years of the Obama administration.

Obama and Hillary Clinton sold Russia a full 20 percent of the United States uranium reserve, and Russia then sold enough uranium to make ten nuclear bombs to their allies in Iran.

Trump, stern in his press conference Monday, declared that he discussed with Vladimir Putin the situation in Iran during their conversations in Helsinki.

President Trump stressed that he has almost entirely wiped out ISIS in the Syria-Iraq region without launching a massive ground invasion. Russia helped in those efforts, and Trump made it clear that the two countries are both committed to fighting Islamic terrorism. But Putin’s record of dealing in the Middle East is not good, and the United States will stay vigilant in this relationship.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats acknowledged in a press conference that Russia hacked into critical U.S. infrastructure during the Obama years — including more than 50 million photos of Americans compiled by James Comey’s FBI for purposes of facial recognition.



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