President Trump Will Have Battle Tanks in Washington for Fourth of July

President Donald Trump said in the Oval Office that he will have battle tanks and planes ready to go for his Salute to America speech at the Lincoln Memorial on America’s Independence Day, July 4.

“I’m going to say a few words, and we’re going to have planes going overhead. And we’re going to have tanks stationed outside,” Trump stated.

President Trump’s role as Commander in Chief of the American military is more important now than ever, with the neoconservative wing agitating for a costly war with Iran and with left-wing radicals staging violence in the streets that many fear could threaten the stability of the American homeland.

America’s borders are under siege as migrants from Central America, Mexico and the Ebola-ridden Congo breach the border and gain entry into our country.

Control of the military will be a paramount issue in the 2020 election. Can Americans trust any Democrat at this point to properly preside over the most powerful military in the world? Americans must understand the dire situation we would be in if that scenario becomes a horrifying reality.

President Trump continues to protect our country as Commander in Chief.

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